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Overseas proxy: How to improve the quality of Amazon stores?

2023-07-05 14:59

Getting product reviews on the Amazon platform is one of the important ways to increase the credibility of your products and attract more potential buyers. It's also a way to improve the quality of Amazon's stores, which many merchants use to get product reviews themselves.


1. Here are some proper ways to get product reviews:


1. Amazon automatic follow-up system: Amazon platform has its own after-sales system, which will automatically send emails after customers purchase goods and encourage customers to leave comments on the purchased goods. This is a natural way to get product reviews, as customers will spontaneously give feedback and reviews after purchasing and using the product.


2. Take advantage of Amazon's RequestaReview feature: Amazon has launched RequestAreView, a feature that allows businesses to click a button and send an email to a customer within four to 30 days of selecting an item. This is a proactive way to remind customers to leave a product review at an appropriate time.


3. Join Amazon's EarlyReviewer Program: The EarlyReviewer program is an Amazon program that encourages consumers to post reviews of new products. Merchants can invite customers to participate in the program and reward them with a $5 gift card after they complete a review of the product. This is an incentive for customers to increase their motivation to leave product reviews.


4. Establish email contact directory: In addition to relying on the email communication method provided by Amazon platform, merchants can establish their own email contact directory. This can make better use of customer emails collected by other social media platforms and other channels to build a customer base or blog outside of Amazon's platform to keep in touch with customers and prompt them to leave product reviews.


Second, Amazon merchants choose self-care number


In terms of Amazon self-maintenance number operation, merchants have two options: buy an account to order or create their own account. Buying an account is a common way to place an order, but you need to pay attention to choosing a reliable account source, such as a white number, a finished product number, and a comment number. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of black card supported accounts, such accounts have higher risk control, and a reliable way should be found when purchasing.

However, you can't control the quality of your account once you buy it, so the easiest and most reliable way is to create your own account.


To maintain the operational safety of autotrophs, the following points need to be followed:


1. Avoid logging in to multiple accounts from the same computer: Use different devices or VMS to log in to different accounts to avoid the relationship between accounts.


2. Stable IP address: Use a stable IP address to log in to the account and avoid frequent IP change. This reduces the probability of the account being identified as an abnormal risk account.


3. Real account identity information: Ensure that the account is registered with real identity information and avoid using false identity information to avoid the account being blocked.


4. Avoid abnormal operation behavior: When operating the account, follow the rules and policies of Amazon to avoid abnormal operation behavior, such as frequent modification of account information, using illegal means to obtain comments, etc.


The above are some of the knowledge and precautions on Amazon to properly obtain product reviews and self-maintenance number operations, and merchants can follow these methods and principles to improve the reputation and sales effect of products.


Third, the auxiliary role of overseas proxies

Overseas proxies can provide effective support services for Amazon merchants, helping merchants establish and maintain multiple accounts on the Amazon platform, thereby expanding sales and increasing business opportunities. Here are some ways that overseas proxies can assist Amazon merchants in raising numbers:


1. Register an Amazon account: Overseas proxies can help merchants register multiple Amazon accounts, including sites in various countries and regions. In this way, merchants can sell their products on a global scale and expand international markets.


2.IP proxy service: In order to avoid Amazon detecting that multiple accounts come from the same IP address, overseas proxies can provide IP proxy services, so that each account has an independent IP address, reducing the risk of being blocked.


3. Geolocation virtualization: Some Amazon sites only accept seller registration in certain countries or regions, overseas proxies can provide geolocation virtualization services, allowing merchants to register accounts and sell products in restricted regions.


4. Account management: Overseas proxies can assist merchants in managing multiple Amazon accounts, including updating account information, adding products, processing orders and customer service.


5. Risk control: Overseas proxies understand Amazon's policies and regulations, which can help merchants avoid illegal operations and behaviors and reduce the risk of account suspension.


6. Consultation and support: Overseas proxies usually have rich experience and professional knowledge, can provide merchants with consultation and support of Amazon operations, and help merchants develop effective sales strategies and promotion plans.

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