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How to obtain proxy IP addresses in bulk?

2023-06-30 13:11

In the Internet, the importance of IP addresses is self-evident. Whether it is surfing the web or carrying out various network activities, it needs the support of IP address. This article introduces three ways to get proxy IP addresses in bulk so that you can build your own pool of proxy IP addresses.


First, how to obtain in bulk?


1. Collect free proxy IP addresses through the network


The first method is to collect free proxy IP through the Internet. There are many websites that provide a list of free proxy IP addresses from which you can obtain free proxy IP addresses. However, the reliability and stability of free proxy IP is usually low, and the work efficiency is not high enough. Some free proxy IP may be restricted or blocked, so you need to be careful when choosing and using it. For some simple business or low-frequency usage scenarios, free proxy IP may be sufficient to meet the needs.


2. Use a third-party tool to obtain the proxy IP address


The second method is to use a third-party tool to obtain the proxy IP. There are some networking tools and software that provide proxy IP capabilities that make it easy to switch proxy IP with one click. These tools typically provide a number of proxy IP resources that users can choose to use. However, the efficiency and stability of these proxy ips may still be limited, especially for complex scenarios such as advanced crawler tasks, and may not meet the demand.


3. Purchase a paid professional proxy IP


The third way is to buy paid proxy IP through professional channels. Paid proxy IP is usually more efficient and stable. You can choose to purchase proxy IP services from a reliable proxy IP provider. These paid services typically offer a separate IP pool, which is faster and more stable. Although the purchase of proxy IP requires a certain operating cost, but compared to free IP, paid proxy IP has higher quality and reliability. Buying paid proxy IP is ideal for building a stable and reliable proxy IP pool.


In summary, there are several ways to obtain proxy IP addresses in bulk. Free proxy IP addresses are suitable for simple services or low-frequency scenarios, but have low reliability and stability. Third-party tools provide some proxy IP resources, but they may not be sufficient for complex tasks. The purchase of paid professional agent IP can provide efficient and stable agent IP service.


Second, how to choose a reliable ip proxy?


When choosing the right approach, you need to weigh it against your needs and budget. Through proper acquisition and management of proxy IP addresses, you will be able to build your own proxy IP pool to provide a more efficient, stable and privacy-protecting access environment for web crawlers, data collection and other applications.

1.ip pool size: Generally speaking, the larger the ip pool, their ip is relatively more stable, but also pay attention to whether the ip purity is high, which affects the quality of ip.

2. Connection rate and success rate: Simply put, it is the speed and uptime of ip, for example, the uptime of 911proxy is 99.99%.

3. Is the price reasonable: the price of some ip agents is very expensive, exceeding the budget of most people,

911proxy offers a variety of packages for you to choose from, and well below market rates.

4. Whether to provide 24/7 technical support: When you encounter problems that need to be solved in time, 911proxy can provide 24/7 real-time services to solve problems anytime and anywhere for you.


To sum up, in order to obtain a stable and secure IP, it is best to buy through a large service provider. 911proxy provides pure residential agent resources, covering 195 countries around the world, providing 7200w+ real residential ip, 99.99% request success rate, with high stability, high-speed connection and other advantages.

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